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Read More Please try and see if you have this issue with Internet Explorer/Edge, Firefox and Google Chrome) This error message is a common issue with Internet Explorer and the new Microsoft Edge browser. Read More Your steering wheel needs glasses - A note on steering linearity.In Internet Explorer, try and go to Open Control Panel (small icons view), and click on the Date and Time option. Recently there has been a lot of talk about steering linearity on the forums, so I was asked to write up some notes on what it is and why you should care. Read Morea) Please make sure you're computer is up to our system requirements which are listed HERE b) Please make sure that you have the most up to date drivers for your sound and graphics cards.Both companies have released various bundles that may throw the price advantage in one direction or the other depending on whether you want what’s in a given bundle.That said, how do the two consoles directly compare with each other?

they were not cloned from each other or from any other VM).Read More Please check that the correct date, time, and time zone is set correctly? c) Please make sure that your graphics card settings...Read More If you are getting the following error: "The following error occurred while trying to join the session: Failed to verify signature on program executable.(After it defaults settings and shows as a "7900" or "8600" if you use 2nd file then *** remember to redo your preferred graphics settings.***)I have a quad core/5870/8gb ram and perf was awful until I did this.I instantly got 4x framerate during "goodsprings event."===============================================-sometimes crashes with 2 monitors-most people report crashes with crossfire or SLI-usually crashes with XFIREpossible fix in XFIRE= (Tools'game' tab)Then click on the checkbox 'Disable Xfire in game'.-2nd file does not work on my ATI 5870 it may work better for you.===============================================uininstall*It does not change/replace any files just delete this one file and the game will go back to using the normal one in windows directory.*notes*-If you are having crashes simply delete it.

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