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Make with enough water so that it is as thick or thin as you prefer it Lunch: Carrot & Lentil Soup - 20p (using same method as Lentil soup with added vegetables) Dinner: Falafel & Grated Carrot Salad - 37p (100g onion, chopped, 200g dried chick peas, 20g flour for dusting, 160g carrots, 75g salted peanuts)Breakfast: One egg on toast, one slice toast with marmalade as day two Lunch: Lentil Soup Dinner: Chole & Nan - 27p (Half a tin of tomatoes, 200g, 10g sugar, tblsp vegetable oil, 60ml milk, 125g self raising flour, Tsp sugar, pinch of salt, tblsp of spread)Breakfast: Bacon sandwich, spread and ketchup.Use 2 slices bread and 100g bacon per person and as much ketchup as you like Lunch: Carrot & Lentil Soup Dinner: Sweetcorn Fritters, Oven Wedges & Peas - 30p (175g sweetcorn, 50g self raising flour, 50ml vegetable oil, 400g potatoes, 160g peas)Breakfast: 100g porridge per person, sugar to taste.She said her website even crashed under the volume of traffic in February, when she received more than 900,000 visitors after her blog featured in the media.The 63-year-old great-grandmother and mother-of-two, from Heathfield, East Sussex, has also devised a seven-day menu plan for the festive period – which claims to cost just £7.59 per person for the entire week Her full Christmas Day menu consists of 14p clementine pancakes for breakfast, a lunch of roast pork, stuffing, roast potatoes, red cabbage and parsnips for 84p and a dried fruit steamed pudding with cream to finish for just 32p per person.Dinner is bacon and sweetcorn pie with mash and peas (32p) followed by Muscovado Cheesecake, made for 33p 'There was literally no room left at my family home and so for the next four years, my daughters and I ricocheted from place to place.We had nowhere to live and although we never actually slept rough, it came horrifyingly close. (Using eggs, milk and flour)Lunch: Lentil soup - 16p a serving (adding a litre of water after carrots, onions and lentils have been sauteed)Dinner: Chickpea Crumble - 36p (serve with 80g peas and 200g onions per person)Breakfast, for each person: 1 egg fried, boiled, scrambled or poached on 1 slice of toast with spread, followed by a 2nd piece of toast with spread and marmalade Lunch: Hoummous and grated carrot sandwich - 9p (made using the chickpeas and vegetable oil)Dinner: Potato, sweetcorn and onion cakes, with bacon and ketchup - 47p Breakfast: 100g porridge per person, sugar to taste.If you're new to Three, these are the ones you need.If you've been with us a bit longer, please see "If you're on an older plan or a business customer".

Helps to keep you safer when shopping, banking and browsing online through anti-virus protection and spyware detection features.This will depend on where you bought it, and if you purchased directly from Three or another retailer.- call us on 333 (Free, unless you’re on one of our new Essential Plans, in which case it will come out of any available minutes allowance or charged at your out of allowance rate of 35p per minute) from your Phone or 03 (standard call charges apply) for Phone customers; or If you purchased from another retailer: You’ll need to check directly with them to see what their returns and exchanges policy is.If you can't find details of your plan, please contact us.Download Three's Returns & Exchange Policy PDF We always hope you’re happy with your new purchase but just in case you’re not, we’ve set out below when you can return or exchange it.

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