841 error validating cardaccount number range

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Level III Error Fix89 Credit Floor Decline Cust.95 Invalid Data Type Error Fix96 Invalid Record Sequence Error Fix97 Percents Not Total 100 Error Fix98 Issuer Unavailable Decline Resend99 No Answer / Unable to send Error Resend A1 Payments Not Total Order Error Fix A2 Bad Order Number Error Fix A3 FPO Locked Error Wait A4 FPO Not Allowed Error Call A5 Auth Amount Wrong Error Fix A6 Illegal Action Error Fix A8 Invalid Start Date Error Fix A9 Invalid Issue Number Error Fix B1 Invalid Transaction Type Error Fix B2 Account Previously Activated Decline Cust B3 Unable to void transaction Error Fix B5 Not on file Decline Fix B7 Fraud Decline Cust.

BK Closed Account, New Account Closed Decline Cust. MC Only BQ 'Issuer has flagged account as suspected fraud. BR Invalid MCC Sent Error Fix BS New Card Issued Decline Cust. C2 Invalid Response Code Decline Fix C3 Excessive Pin Try Decline Cust.

Ok so im trying to order some stuff from e.l.f cosmetics and when I put my credit card number in and push continue it says: Please correct the following errors: [ Error: ] Error validating card/account number range Please check your credit card information and it gives me the last 4 digit numbers and...

D1 Invalid For Credit Decline Fix D2 Invalid For Debit Decline Fix D3 Rev Exceed Withdrawal Decline Cust. D8 Encrypted Data Bad Decline Fix D9 Altered Data Decline Fix E3 Invalid Prefix Decline Fix E4 Invalid Institution Decline Fix E5 Invalid Cardholder Decline Fix E6 BIN Block Decline Fix E7 Stored Approved None E8 Invalid Transit Routing Number Error Fix E9 Unknown Transit Routing Number Error Fix F1 Missing Name Error Fix F2 Invalid Account Type Error Fix F3 Account Closed Error Cust. I1 Block activation failed – Card Range not set up for MOD 10 Error Fix I2 Block activation failed – email or fulfillment flags were set to Y Error Fix I3 Declined – Issuance doesn’t meet minimum amount Declined Cust I4 Declined – no original auth found Decline Cust I5 Declined – outstanding auth, funds on hold Decline Cust I6 Activation amount incorrect Decline Fix I7 Block activation failed- account not correct or block size not correct Decline Fix I8 Mag stripe CVD value failed Decline Fix I9 Max Redemption limit met Decline Fix J1 No Manual Key Decline Fix J2 Not Signed In Decline Fix J3 Excessive Pin Try Decline Cust.

D6 Changed Field Decline Fix D7 Insufficient Funds Decline Cust. H4 Changed Field Decline N/AH5 Terminal Not Owned Decline N/AH6 Invalid Time Decline Fix H7 Invalid Date Decline Fix H8 Invalid Terminal Number Decline Fix H9 Invalid PIN Decline Cust. PA Partial Approval Approved N/APB Revocation of all Authorization Decline Cust.

Hi Beth, can you help me to complete and confirm my order?

I purchased a ticket online (Order # TRE291254) from Venezia SL to Firenze SMN for 04/06/13 at , 1st class, 2 adults.

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