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An additional five (5) points are added to a veteran's score if in receipt of the Purple Heart or has a compensable service-connected disability.Back to top State War Orphans Education Provides for a waiver of tuition and registration fees in a state supported college or university for children between the ages of sixteen and twenty-three whose veteran parent served in World War I, World War II, Korean Conflict, Vietnam Era or any time of conflict as declared by Congress.Organized by the Federal Reserve Bank, the multistate campaign promotes financial literacy nationwide, April 22-29.Local businesses, financial institutions, libraries, nonprofit organizations and government agencies get involved in providing financial education presentations and workshops. — Learn how to start or grow your small business from fellow entrepreneurs.— Household budgeting, staying out of debt, saving for college, planning for retirement—Americans face financial challenges at every stage of life.AARP West Virginia is helping Mountain Staters navigate fiscal waters by hosting local events during Money Smart Week for the eighth year in a row.

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The Commission advised that a judge should not request a prosecutor to handle truancy cases in a specific manner since such a request could create an appearance that the judge was assuming the functions belonging to the prosecutor, thereby creating an appearance of impropriety.

Income Tax First ,000 in retired pay is exempt, plus an additional exclusion total whose formula is years of military service multiplied by 2 percent, multiplied by military pension; or ,000, whichever is less.

Back to top Veterans Preference Under the West Virginia Civil Service System all veterans who have served under honorable conditions in the armed forces of the United States during World War II, Korea Conflict, Vietnam Era or during hostile conflict shall have five (5) points added to a final passing score.

Indigenous peoples lived throughout the highlands along rivers in this area for thousands of years.

Archeologists have identified artifacts of the Adena culture, dating from 1000 BC to 200 BC.

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