Updating nvidia graphics driver

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“NVIDIA Installer failed” issue is a common issue in Windows 10.When you are installing NVIDIA drivers, if you meet this issue , try solutions here. After you upgrade the system to Windows 10, Windows Update will attempt to download and install GPU drivers in the background. If you attempt to install NVIDIA driver during this time, you would probably meet the installation failed issue.5) You will next be prompted to accept the NVIDIA software license agreement.Read the contents and then if you agree, click "AGREE AND CONTINUE" to proceed.Verify the driver you download supports your product by viewing the "Supported Products" tab in the driver download section of the driver you select as shown in the example screenshot below: Once you have verified your graphics card is compatible with the driver you have downloaded, please close all open programs. If a file is saved to a temporary directory, it is possible Windows may delete the file while you are installing the driver which will result in a bad install. If you are installing a new graphics card in your PC, the Windows hardware installation wizard may be installing drivers separately.

Most users will want to select Express (Recommended).

: Before proceeding with the installation, verify the driver you downloaded supports your graphics card.

Geforce Desktop PC graphics cards, Geforce notebook PC graphics cards, and Quadro Professional graphics cards each use a different driver.

Initially designed to offer configurations for games to improve performance or visuals, it has since been pushed to be a lot more than that.

It is now used for instance to download and install updates automatically.

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