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Charter Communications has quietly dropped usage caps and allowances from the company’s terms and conditions, once again giving Charter broadband customers unlimited access to the Internet.

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A raíz de este suceso comienza una nueva ola de sangre preparada por Jigsaw antes de morir.Customers threatening to cancel service over usage cap matters were assuaged with a commitment by retention specialists that the caps were just a “guideline” and would not be enforced except in the most egregious instances of customer “overuse” of the Internet.In place of the caps, Charter has returned to boilerplate language found in almost every ISP’s Acceptable Use Policy: Excessive use of bandwidth that in Charter’s sole opinion, places an unusually large burden on the network or goes above normal usage [is prohibited].La agente del FBI de la división anti-terrorismo, Callie Ferris, desea utilizar la habilidad de Cris para frustrar el plan de un grupo terrorista que quiere atacar a la ciudad de Los Angeles...bastante buena destacandose por un final inespera2..5.5Amanda están muertos.

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