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My rule for this site: Leave the drama at the doorstep, I'm here to relax and to have fun.

To relax and to find an escape, an outlet for my active imagination. Please accept this, I won't open any discussion ab...

Find out The 4 Rules That Will Keep You Safe In A Chat Room as well as scams to be aware of such as e Whoring, Catfishing and Cam Bots.

People come to chat-rooms to chat with strangers, some, to meet strangers but this can be dangerous; find out how to keep yourself safe.

I'm just your typical married dad next door with some very naughty thoughts that no one would suspect. Obviously, my intentions on this site are leaning more sexually explicit, but good conversation is always appreicated and never r... I will not place a picture of myself on here as I plan to pursu...

Ok I get it now, I really enjoy it when someone posts gifs and comments on my wall. The real thing, you'll know where you stand with me.

I chat about most things, and if it gets to sexual matters..... Only your desire to please and be pleased required. I am a man of many loves: history, sports, outdoor activities, cooking, movies, books and conversation.

Most people that participate in such chats just want to have fun and meet new people.Most flirt chats also offer private chats so that people can flirt undisturbed. Just as everything else on the Internet, you have to be careful when chatting.The anonymity that the Internet offers can easily disguise users’ true intentions.We've updated our article - "Where Have All The Chats Gone?" to specifically answer that question for 20 different chat sites that have closed down.

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