The dating game parody ideas

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This HAS to be one of my favorite ideas on the list! Across the top border of the frame write “Guess Who?You can really choose ANY character from the game and recreate their facial features. ” and along the bottom border of the frame, write the name of the character you are recreating. For BOTH: Clear umbrellas , LED lights and strips of fabric or streamers. For BOTH: Use yellow duct tape, to tape streets on a long sleeve T-shirt.My friend, Bonnie Bonnell, who reinvented her look on a regular basis, was a natural in front of the camera.

:'( Changelog: 2016-08-24: Thanks to Lost Pause, now I'm popular!For more effect, use body paint to draw on a nose and whiskers. A wig would really help pull it together but if you don’t have time, no worries!This popular game transforms into an easy costume idea.Attach a battery pack to the top of the inside of the umbrella, attach LED lights and streamers. Print up street names and bus stop signs (like seen on Google maps) and tape those to different spots on your shirt.Then, use poster board to create your large A marker and B marker.

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