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Or even worse, that the room would contain well-intentioned Catholics unwilling to discuss topics other than religion.

I joked with friends that I’d be spending the evening with a dozen men eager to spend their five minutes apiece quizzing me on papal encyclicals. A few days after reading about the event via a Catholic group on Facebook, I quickly signed up online before I could talk myself out of it.

VCs and angels sat at tables, and startups signed up ahead of time for a five-minute sit-down with these investors, who are always looking for good companies and deal flow.

When the buzzer sounded, the startups moved on to their next meeting or networked with each other.

You'll still be in the safe, secure atmosphere while you further explore your feelings.

On Speed Dating On Speed Dating offers you a wide selection of people to choose from, as well as themed speed dating events.

At Mingle2, there’s a bevy of attractive, available singles in Speed, and they’re looking for you.

Sign up in 30 seconds and find out why fun-loving singles in Speed are flocking to Mingle2.

At the end of the evening, you turn in your "match" cards that you were given at the beginning of the event.

Putting yourself out there and facing rejection can be a scary thing if you aren't sure what you're looking for. It should be a way for you to meet new people you otherwise wouldn't have met.

If you have the right attitude, even a rejection won't take away from the thrill of getting out and trying new things.

Giving it a shot On the day of the event, I was one of the first people to arrive at the bar.

I received warm greetings from my fellow participants, all of whom appeared harmless enough that, when the event organizer asked us to sign a waiver releasing him of all responsibility for what followed, I felt fairly confident I didn’t need to read the fine print.

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    You are also one hundred percent guaranteed that your safety and the confidentiality of your sexual escapades is one of the highest priorities.

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