Sophos updating could not contact server

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Somewhere between 8.0.5 and the current 9.0.5, there would appear to have been a change in the internal structure of the Sophos Anti-virus Article Published: Tuesday, 26 November, 2013 Article Revision Date: Tuesday, 26 November, 2013 This site is not associated with the Microsoft Corporation.Enable directory browsing and test that you can open the following file: Note that Code Directory is a file and not a folder. Under the default metabase configuration in IIS, IIS will only serve files with known extensions and registered MIME types. The information on this page is provided as is and is free for those who visit to use.

When will Unidesk and Sophos find a solution that works?The server has an encrypted tunnel connection and read-only pass through authentication to a SMB share on an internal security server running Windows Server 2008 SP2 and Sophos Enterprise Console 5.2.1.The SMB share is the same as the one exposed to the internal LAN for direct SMB updating and Windows clients using either HTTP or SMB will update successfully. Now we are not able to start sophos at the clients. - The old version of sophos run well - After the Sohos-Management deployed the update, sophos could not update the version on the clients - we build a new OS-Layer by using the unidesk desciption for sophos an deployed it to a desktop - Sophos starts in the new version, but coud not start the "Sophos Anti-Virus" service. regards Arne We are having similar problems but only on 27 of 75 MM's which is really strange. On the machines with errors, the sevice runs but they have the error: Could not find a source fo update packages.We have been working with Sophos support and it has now been escalated twice. Unidesk 5.3Esxi 5.5 U1 Wayne Hello, last may we had a lot of trouble after a Sophos-Update. After that it works fine until the next Sophos-Update in January 2017.

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