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But today Nick Clegg found himself answering questions on Strictly Come Dancing and playing 'snog, marry, avoid' as he took part in a live web chat with mothers.

Logging on to Mumsnet, the former Deputy Prime Minister revealed he would have Prince, Cate Blanchett and Angela Merkel at his fantasy dinner party - but declined to reply to the cheeky user who asked: 'Does anyone else find him a little bit sexy?

Mr Clegg responded: 'The truth is the Lib Dems found ourselves between a rock and a hard place.

We hadn't won the election and there was very little money,' before going on to blame the Labour party for the state of the tuition fee system.

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'Mr Clegg, 50, who will defend his seat in Sheffield Hallam in the General Election next month, was not afraid to tackle some of the light-hearted questions on users' minds.

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