Sex club with no subcription fee

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Christine Gibson and Bill Earles paid to gain access into the club’s secret sex chamber, and once inside, made their way through 12 rooms with either a bed or a lounge chair where couples and groups were having sex while others watched, court documents read.

In one instance, a couple, who went by ‘Val’ and ‘Steve’ asked the inspectors to photograph them as Val gave Steve oral pleasure inside the “Choir Room,” according to the surveillance activity report.

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Sometimes I'm a cheerleader, sometimes I'm a psychologist, a comedian, maybe a motivational speaker at times. You never really know what you're going to get because different girls come in on different nights, so you never really know what the night will bring. We basically ask entertainers to wear a dress — it can be a short dress or a long dress — but we prefer a one-piece dress. About how many girls are you managing at any one time? I think our highest girl count is before Christmas, that's usually when it's the busiest. For a good number of girls, their family doesn't know what they're doing. English was not her first language and it wasn't all that great either, to be honest with you.

She got to talking about her ideas with Jana Rodriguez, her children’s swimming instructor and a former Olympic windsurfer from the Czech Republic.

The two wanted to refute the public conception of sex clubs as “dark, dingy and seedy,” as Kaye puts it, imagining a place that was clean, bright and inviting, a place where people could feel safe and welcome to explore.

Later, they observed a pregnant woman having her breasts sucked and fondled by a man.

The city lambasted the club – owned by the Freedom 4 All, Inc.

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