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Grannies know that good old-fashioned Vaseline is, like, the best moisturizer around, and it's also pretty much the ultimate beauty multi-tasker.Use it as lip balm, cuticle balm, eye-makeup remover.One for example, an application named “Group Chat” which offers a chat forum but also seems to spam the shit out of your friends list that it’s not supposed to have any access, what-so-ever, too. None of these people were in the group this app had been added to. These two screen shots are just two examples out of a dozen. =| German, British and Canadian Governments are monitoring Facebook’s assault of the general definition of privacy.And it doesn’t look like Facebook did anything to discipline the app makers – as the app is still around even after a year of complaints. Leave a Comment » | Applications Fail | Tagged: application fail, applications, apps, bs, bull shit, complaint, corporate, database, disguise, disrespectful, example, facebook, fail, failbook, group chat, group mods, groups, information, internet, invite, irritated, lies, me, minifeed, moderators, online, pages, policy, privacy, record, screen capture, screen shot, social networking, social networks, user, watchdog, web 2.0, you | Permalink Posted by fbwatchdog Leave a Comment » | Friday FTW | Tagged: disguise, disguised, disrespectful, example, facebook, fail, funny, grand children, grandma, grandparents, hilarious, internet, lies, me, news, online, policy, privacy, sex offender, social networking, social networks, user, video, watchdog, web 2.0, you, youtube | Permalink Posted by fbwatchdog Here’s your Friday’s win, we got each other sick this last week and we’re all basically miserable and on our deathbeds. Meanwhile the shameless free market fundamentalists who’ve wormed themselves into the American Government, in great numbers, are giving “favors” and trading players…Still, Facebook is proving a tremendous way to wreck a marriage. Even as he laughs off his foolish worries, he knows it would be better to let this sleeping dog lie . His wife — the mother of his children, the one who stood beside him when he lost his job in the disaster of ’08 — has already gone to sleep. I say “my generation” because younger folk have a different expectation of privacy and decorum than we old farts. A late thirty / early fortysomething signs up for a Facebook account just “to see who’s out there.” If she’s like me, maybe she’s looking for a meager handful of friends from days gone by. She’s got a full day of shuttling kids, cleaning, shopping, and cooking to do.

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Yep, even though our enlightened and elevated society frowns on any notion of infringement on personal freedoms, married people — at least ONE spouse anyway — tend to be somewhat backward thinking in the area of personal sexual freedom. Three hours flash by just like when they were two teenagers talking on the new portable phone for half the night. Little Johnny brought home a frowny face on his Monday Memo . Such efforts generally start with automated screening for inappropriate language and exchanges of personal information, and extend to using the records of convicted pedophiles' online chats to teach the software what to seek out.Facebook's software likewise depends on relationship analysis and archives of real chats that preceded sex assaults, Chief Security Officer Joe Sullivan told Reuters in the company's most expansive comments on the subject to date.Like most of its peers, Facebook generally avoids discussing its safety practices to discourage scare stories, because it doesn't catch many wrongdoers, and to sidestep privacy concerns.Users could be unnerved about the extent to which their conversations are reviewed, at least by computer programs.'We've never wanted to set up an environment where we have employees looking at private communications, so it's really important that we use technology that has a very low false-positive rate,' he said.

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