Radiometric dating of detrital minerals in sedimentary rocks gives

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It can also be inferred that stromatolite-bearing dolomites of rock, a sedimentary sequence spanning the period from 1.65 billion to 800 million years ago, were deposited in warm, tropical waters.

Most fossil carbonates, evaporites, phosphorites, and red beds of Phanerozoic age dating back to the Cambrian have a similar bimodal distribution with respect to their paleoequators.

The fragments can call at up to 100mph after the column collapses.

Plates are moved by heat escaping from the Earth's interior, most due to radioactivity in the mantle.

In principle, sedimentary rocks may be divided into two groups according to the nature of the Rb-bearing phase present.

Allogenic (detrital) minerals are moderately resistant to open-system behaviour during burial metamorphism, but problems arise from inherited isotopic signatures.

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