Published infopath form not updating

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Upload Form Template and upload your published Info Path form.

Then, as long as the list is associated with the form, when you create a new item, you will see the new Info Path form.

Unlike direct publishing to a Share Point form library, publishing an Info Path form template as a content type allows you to specify the location where the Info Path form template is stored.

And since you can store an Info Path form template in a normal Share Point document library on which you can apply versioning, this publishing method makes the application of versioning to Info Path form templates a fairly easy process to implement.

It is suppose to update the respective columns in Share Point List but it doesn't do that.

When you design a form template, it stores the entire description of how the form functions.

Now I have to edit the people picker property to accept multiple values.

I make the change in the infopath form and Publish the form.

While the complexities can sometimes seem burdensome, the truth is that the overall model is actually quite simple.

Once understood, all it takes is a few small tricks and you will find that moving forms and templates isn’t really that difficult.

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