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Unfortunately, some medical personnel still use them to refer to people with certain intersex conditions, because they still subscribe to an outdated nomenclature that uses gonadal anatomy as the basis of sex classification.In a paper titled Changing the Nomenclature/Taxonomy for Intersex: A Scientific and Clinical Rationale, five -associated experts recommend that all terms based on the root “hermaphrodite” be abandoned because they are scientifically specious and clinically problematic.Meanwhile these differing reactions are only a small part of a whole system of social relationships which are underpinned by issues of gender -- or more specifically, on the idea that men and women do and should look differently, act differently, and contribute differently to society.Although gender roles are probably more relaxed now than at any time in Western history, issues of living up to cultural gender stereotypes still cause insecurity, repression, and even deadly acts of violence.Later whether the child will be given a doll or a toy truck, will be cuddled and fussed over after an injury or told to shake it off, or whether the child will be scolded or praised for boistrous, risky behavior -- all these, even today, will still hinge largely on gender.By the time this same individual reaches the choices and options of adult life, personality (shaped by gender influenced interactions), has already been molded into distinctly male or female modalities.Les représentations d'Hermaphrodite sont fréquentes dans l'art, notamment antique.L'une des plus célèbres est l’Hermaphrodite endormi, une statue de l'époque hellénistique dont les principaux exemplaires sont exposés à la Galerie Borghèse et au musée du Louvre.

L'hermaphrodisme est un phénomène biologique dans lequel l'individu est morphologiquement mâle et femelle, soit simultanément soit alternativement.Cela donna naissance à un être humain homme et femme à la fois, que l'on a représenté dans la statuaire comme doté d'un pénis et de seins.La légende est notamment relatée dans les Métamorphoses d'Ovide.Il s'oppose au gonochorisme qui correspond au sexe séparé.Dans la mythologie grecque, Hermaphrodite est issu de l'union entre Hermès et Aphrodite, né sur le mont Ida de Troade.

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