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Sclalfa was performing alongside another Springsteen associate, Bobby Bandiera.On and off: It was a rocky path for the rocker couple when the two first met in the early 1980, prior to Springsteen's breakout success.Rumors of an affair spread through the New Jersey town in 2006 and Ann's father, Stephen Carton, tried to influence his daughter to quit the gym and the relationship That should include the nitty-gritty details of the clandestine, steamy affair with New Jersey housewife, Ann Kelly, alleged by her husband in court papers.Kelly was 45 at the time their relationship allegedly began in 2005 when the two worked out regularly at the Atlantic Club, a Red Bank, NJ gym. Bad news bears, singles: released the results of a survey that shows the dating rules and habits have changed. But even though the playing field has become a bit of uncharted territory, some traditional dating do's and dont's still apply.

Don't, because found only 12 percent of singles would actually leave before the night was over. It was a rocky path for the rocker couple when the two initially met, prior to Springsteen's breakout success.The pair first came together at a New Jersey bar called The Stone Pony - a popular performance venue for local musicians.Sources say that Robert wants to desperately keep their wedding plans private.He hates that his relationship with his ex Kristen Stewart is still making headlines to this very day.

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