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Dating then, dating now Before the Internet and social media, people were already outsourcing the first two steps in matchmaking, evaluation and selection.

People relied on friends and family to shortcut the chaos of individual circumstances and the mysteries of human intuition.

Up the stairs, we went to find booths lined up back-to-back with one another.To assemble the game, simply cut out each square, and adhere 1 “front” piece to 1 “back” using tape, glue, or adhesive.To make this task super quick and easy, I used a tape adhesive roller similar to this product: Tombow Adhesive Dispenser.My coworker and good friend, Bella, graciously offered to go with me. We wanted to know what the hell is up with men these days.Trying an antiquated dating method with a fresh, Millennial perspective, we figured, would be an accurate way of finding out.

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