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Plus, you can store hundreds (if not thousands) of images on your computer or on computer discs or USB devices, in a fraction of the physical space required by print photos. If your digital camera loses its battery or the memory card becomes too full, a disposable camera makes a handy back-up.Tuck one into your nappy bag to make sure you never miss a photo opportunity. If you're not particularly tech-savvy or otherwise dislike digital cameras, you might prefer a traditional film camera.With a digital camera, you can take a photo and know immediately whether it's a keeper – if it's not, delete it and it won't cost you a penny.You'll appreciate how easy it is to share digital photos of your baby with family and friends around the world by posting them online.

Every day, an increasing number of teenagers and young women are being trafficked across Ontario and forced to work as prostitutes in what has become one of the fastest growing crimes in the province, a Star investigation found.

Sexual human trafficking is the forced confinement or transportation of a person for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

Contrary to popular belief, almost all of the victims in Canada are Canadian born.

Such active mobile phone usage among young women in their teens and twenties raises questions about gender politics, technology and new media in Korea, where gender inequality and patriarchal ideology notoriously survive.

The dominant structure of patriarchal capitalist society, in which women have been marginalised and confined to private spaces, especially the home, has been deeply involved in the processes that define women’s lives and identities.

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