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Created chat profiles allow greater access to chat features and chat room creation options.

Social communication using live webcam chat functions are becoming increasingly popular.

I give 5 stars to company but for the camera only 2 stars Exellent and easy for the price The only fall back is I haven't figured out how to log in from a web browser (doesn't mean it cant just haven't fig it out yet) and the night sensitivity is a touch to sensitive. and the recording works great when you add a Micro SD card.I haven't figured out exactly howmuch of my phone plan data is being drained but it doesn't look too bad. Better than almost any surveillance camera picture that will ever see on TV (like when the cops broadcast really grainy pics or video of the guy who robbed a convenience store.) this picture really would catch the bad guy. Very affordable, Great product Was looking for an affordable camera, this is it.Of course, I don't leave the app on all of the time. Bottom line= I am blown away by the quality and the features for a rockbottom price. Very good picture Wi Fi, can view my home from work. The install was easy and the talk back feature is cool. 720p camera This company has great communication however the product does not work off as pictured. I can only view it while I'm at home I can not view the camera away from home (as pictured a couple on the beach) I wanted to use as a baby monitor and it is not good for that as when it shuts off when it restarts it gives prompts and is loud and there is no way to mute it.Please click a room which does not have a shield or lock for your initial guest or You Cams™ member login to the chat network.Being self-conscious came language: Have night, government finally had to afraid of types situations focus.

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