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Find out if there have been reports of strange activity, what types of strange activity, and where the sightings/activity took place.Interviewing witnesses will give you a good starting point, and provide clues about whether you're dealing with a residual haunting, an intelligent haunting – or no haunting at all. Don't believe everything you're told (stories are often exaggerated) — just listen with an open mind. Sit on my lap and talk about the first thing that pops up? Until next time be good, stay off the chems and C U Next Thursday. Well, the tricky thing about asking out someone in a customer service position is that their job requires them to be nice to you.Because of that, it can be easy to mistakenly misinterpret them doing their job (being nice to you) as social/romantic interest.And of course, a lot of people would prefer not to field come-ons while they’re working.

at least when u do meet you can get into the real batting off to a web cam dont ya think ?LOLMany dating sites are integrating cams anyway so you can get the best of both worlds im more of a pub guy than a nightclub guy...anyone i meet there i'd rather not get into anything with except a few point was that yes dating sites are not for everyone but they have an increasing market thats for sure.If you were interested in a customer, what would you do about it?What would think if one of your employees asked out a customer? And what do you think about customers asking out your employees?

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