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Adrian Wojnarowski, the most dominant force in NBA reporting, brings you inside the league with, the “Vertical Podcast.” Woj is probing the biggest newsmakers in the sport – from the commissioner, to general managers, coaches and star players – to bring listeners inside the processes, personas and stories that impact the NBA.

Beyond longer sit-down interviews in our New York studios, Woj will deliver real-time podcasts with league personnel built around breaking news.

: Nikola Jokic emerging as a franchise player for the Nuggets.

: Jokic surprising opponents with his ability despite not being an elite athlete.

In an Instagram post that has sine been deleted, Gilbert explained: “Draya’s son was at least four years old when I met her and we were [cool] friends.” Arenas also gave some insight into why Draya and his ex-fiancée/baby mama Laura Govan had beef while they were on BBWLA together.

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He went on to win an NBA championship with the Mavericks in 2011 before signing with the Minnesota Timberwolves where he played for the next three seasons.

For reasons unbeknown to pretty much everybody, Draya Michele has decided to keep the identity of the father of her 11-year-old son Kniko a secret, and to this day, she’s managed to do so …

but that hasn’t stopped folks from coming up with theory after theory.

by: Bruno Benelli - When my sister Ellie was eighteen and became a freshman at the same small college where I was nineteen and a sophomore, we began fooling around in my dorm room on Saturdays.

At first we cornholed but when she was safely on the pill I popped her cherry ....

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