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The pillar weighs over 6,000 kg (13,000 lb), and is thought to have originally been erected in what is now Udayagiri by one of the Gupta monarchs in approximately 402 CE, though the precise date and location are a matter of dispute.The height of the pillar, from the top of its capital to the bottom of its base, is 7.21 m (23 ft 8 in), 1.12 m (3 ft 8 in) of which is below ground.Merton who is credited with coining the expression "self-fulfilling prophecy" and formalizing its structure and consequences.

Although examples of such prophecies can be found in literature as far back as ancient Greece and ancient India, it is 20th-century sociologist Robert K.A fence was erected around the pillar in 1997 in response to damage caused by visitors.There is a popular tradition that it was considered good luck if one could stand with one's back to the pillar and make one's hands meet behind it.Ditch the pickup lines The results of two studies on opening lines proved that women don’t like lame pickup lines. Nearly 90% of the women in the study rated these half-baked pickup lines as really, really ineffective. A simple “Hi, I’ve never been here before, what’s good on the menu? Instead of desperate, you’ll seem relaxed and confident, like James Bond. Psychologists have found that it takes between 1.5 to 4 minutes to decide if you have the hots for someone or not. When you stick to the vapid social script of small talk, you can hear the thud of your chances hitting the ground, if you listen closely.

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