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The wording of the description makes me think it’s the latter, especially since Joe has a history of dating young boys already.

Radar Online claims that the boy’s name is Jonathan Keith, and that he reportedly accompanied Papa Simpson to Jessica’s wedding. Nobody wants to see their father bring their new boy toy to their wedding, much less when their mom is also at the ceremony.

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On March 4, 2016, it was reported that Los Angeles police are investigating and testing a knife that was recovered on property once owned by O. Simpson and turned over to a police officer a number of years ago by a person working construction there.The knife reportedly found at the former home of O. Simpson is not connected to the 1994 slayings of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, Los Angeles police confirmed Friday. Simpson is aware of the controversy over the knife reportedly found on his former property but does not seem too concerned about it, his friend and former manager said. One big reason: Authorities have never found the weapon used to kill Simpson's former wife, Nicole Brown Simpson,...The Los Angeles Police Department performed a variety of forensic tests on the rusty 5-inch fixed blade... Simpson is in a Nevada prison serving nine to 33 years for a 2008 kidnapping and robbery case in Las Vegas. Despite growing skepticism that it has anything to do with the infamous case, a knife reportedly found years ago at the former home of O. Los Angeles police detectives should know soon whether a knife reportedly found on the property of O. Simpson in the late 1990s contains any DNA from the football star or two people he was accused of killing.Obviously, Tina is not Kelly Preston and refused to stand by idly while her husband cheated on her with a bunch of young men.Joe denied the rumors, but unfortunately for him, pictures speak a thousand words.

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