Dating a recovering addict advice

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In the past, Shelley’s held two long-term relationships, but she remains single.One day, Shelley meets Steve through an online dating website.Alcoholism is a serious issue which has the capacity to affect your life if you date someone with this problem.A relationship with an alcoholic isn't impossible, but it does take a certain finesse.The first few months of recovery are often described as an emotional rollercoaster because there is so much going on.The last thing that an individual will want to do will be to add the stress of a new relationship to the mix.

Unfortunately, Shelley feels Steve’s prior addiction is due to some sort of moral failing on his part.

In other words, there's often a lot for them to "unlearn" in recovery.

In Twelve Step programs, and especially in Steps Four through Ten, PIRs learn how to develop healthy relationship skills.

Currently, Butler is a freelance writer, penning articles focusing on mental health, healthy living and issues surrounding work-life balance.

She is the principle/owner of ALIA Living, LLC, providing residential interior design services, professional organizing and life coaching.

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