Cyn santana dating drake

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Drake spent close to 00 for her seat at the game.

By Fio Borrelli Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer When Cyn Santana talked to Hot 97, she said things got really ugly between her and Erica Mena in tonight’s episode of “Love & Hip Hop.” Up until this point, Cyn Santana and Erica Mena were one of the hottest couples in urban entertainment. The world has heard Erica Mena tell her side of the story and seen her move on with Bow Wow.

Erica is nuts though so don't end on bad terms with her cause she will tell your business.

As for the Kourtney Kardashian thing, Khloe was the one who fired Erica from the shop (show), Kourtney didn't want to do it. from her instagram to her gf, i find it cute"There's a saying that goes, "it's not the length of your experiences, but the quality of them." I want you to know that every minute spent with you has incredible experiences.

Only You can make me feel the way that You do and I can't get enough of it!

This thing between us is a magnetic pull that draws me near from your smell, your voice, your Beauty, your mesmerizing kisses. This is why I'm compelled to tell you this because it's important to me that you truly understand. So I'm sending these words to you, because I want you to burn them into your mind. I still think about the first time we kissed, that REAL feeling.

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She threw Draya Michele all up under the bus after they split.

When she likes a guy, I know, and when I like a guy, she know, it’s like ‘oh!

he’s cute’ and that’s it.” How much more proof do you need?

He even references the moment on his song, "Tuscan Leather." The pop star had a secret romance with the rapper back in 2015.

The pair made headlines two years ago when they locked lips at the Coachella film festival and sources now say they were engaged in a brief fling.

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