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As a composition it stands unchallenged and conspicuous among the masterpieces of English literature, while as a history it covers a space of more than twelve hundred years, including some of the most momentous events in the annals of mankind. Though his father was a member of Parliament and the owner of a moderate competence, the author of this great work was essentially a self-educated man.

Weak health and almost constant illness in early boyhood broke up his school life, — which appears to have been fitfully and most imperfectly conducted, — withdrew him from boyish games, but also gave him, as it has given to many other shy and sedentary boys, an early and inveterate passion for reading.

Beginning in the 1940s, tumultuous debates among black intellectuals over the place of the Indian diaspora in Africa played a central role in the emergence of new and antagonistic conceptualizations of a South African nation.

The writings of Indian political figures (particularly Gandhi and Nehru) and the Indian independence struggle had enormous influence on a generation of African nationalists, but this impact was mediated in complex ways by the race and class dynamics of Natal.

Israel has its fair share of white-collar crime and auto theft, but national rates for homicide, rape and other violent crimes are lower than in most developed countries.

The hour-long Lockup episode features visits to three Israeli prisons: Rimonim, Israel’s largest maximum-security prison; Neve Tirza, the only facility for women, and Hermon, known as “the largest therapeutic community in Israel.” Lockup field producers interview inmates and staff at each prison with an eye toward explaining why Israel’s recidivism — repeat-offender — rates are among the lowest in the world.

In Indian-owned buses, stores, and movie theatres, a racial hierarchy of Indian over African developed based on the social grammars of property, relationship with land, family structure, and different gender roles.The World Tour spin-off’s Israel episode first aired in May, and will re-air twice this weekend.While recent World Tour episodes in Europe and Asia focused on dire conditions in a chilling array of Cold War-era prisons, the show’s first Middle East episode, in Israel, struck a different cord.'Looking at me, you might imagine you see a man who is complete, but a man like me without a sincere friend is unable to reach his full potential,' wrote Antoine Ealy, right.The first volume of a 12 volume set of Gibbon’s magisterial history of the end of the Roman Empire, one of the greatest works of history written during the Enlightenment. This material is put online to further the educational goals of Liberty Fund, Inc.

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