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The thought that Peter could have saved Gwen, had he done something different, helps define the character to this day.In hindsight, Gwen Stacy’s death is undeniably an example of the “Women in Refrigerators” trope — a term coined by Gail Simone to describe women killed off in order to give their male love interests a persona; motivation to fight the villain.Later, Spider-Man and Doc Ock fight in which Spider-Man wins.Mysterio makes his 1st appearance, framing Spider-Man for a robbery.Random earthquakes dont happen in New York - trust us, we live here.So how did one trap Spidey and a subway car full of New Yorkers underground?

But outside of Mary Jane and Gwen, most of Spidey’s exes are unknown to the general public.

Features the first appearances of Spider-Man, Aunt May, Uncle Ben, Flash Thompson, and Liz Allan.

High school student Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider, thus gaining the proportionate strength, speed, and agility of a spider, along with a precognitive "spider-sense" and later creating a web-shooting device.

To help fill in that knowledge gap, we’ve assembled a list of ten of Spider-Man’s most memorable romantic partners, including two women who never got the chance to actually have a real relationship with either Peter or Spider-Man. Note that the woman in the picture above isn’t actually Gwen Stacy.

There’s almost always a tragic element to the women in Spidey’s life. It’s her daughter, Sarah; who happens to look exactly like her.

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